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  1. Thanks for all responses. It seems that the problem might affect a lot of users and that ESET should look at doing something about it.
  2. Aha!! My bank is Bank SA, which is owned by Westpac, so you have probably identified the problem. The problem has only recently appeared. BPP worked fine before I went overseas mid-October. I just tried MS Edge browser (is that IE11?) but there was no sign of BPP.
  3. Yes it does persist after system restart. Strangely, when I opened the login page to my stockbroker's secure site, the banking protection secure browser opened and offered itself for that site. I want it to do the same for my internet banking site!
  4. Win 10 Pro, Firefox 63.01 (64 bit) and EIS EIS has recently failed to start banking protection secure browser when I open my internet banking login page. There have been recent updates to Win 10, Firefox and EIS, so the cause is not clear. The only way I can open the secure browser is from within EIS, but that is not very convenient. Previously, I would open internet banking from a bookmark in Firefox and the secure browser would automatically open. How can I get this functionality back?