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  1. We use EFS v7 on servers in virtual enviroment, not EP. Is local caching working same way on EFS? VP
  2. Hi. Is ESLC VA still supported? Because Centos 6.10 has entered end of life at November 2020. Is there any plan to upgrade it to newer version (Centos 7 or other linux distribution)? Thanks. VP
  3. When I restore items from quarantine, restore item task has failed on every PC..
  4. Hi. ESMC v7 is normal Centos 7, so if you have installed integration services into VM (yum install hyperv-daemons, if you have Hyper-V), you can do application consistent backup with Veeam. VP
  5. Hi. Where I can define to send notifications from "web protection" module? In default notifications created by ESET I don't see this...when I create new, I can't choose web module: Thanks.. VP
  6. I have submited file to ESET in EFS. I uploaded file to VT and 3 engines detected it as virus:
  7. Hi. Eset suddenly marked this file as Trojan and delete it, but it is official software.. VP
  8. After modifying script: It works, agent is installed. Will you release patch for this?
  9. Yes, we have only access to internet via proxy which runs on ESMC server (only ESMC iself has direct access to internet). I look into .bat file and http proxy settings are set there: is ESMC server. Before upgrade this scenario works without problems
  10. When I run agent installation via agent live installe .bat file it throws also error:
  11. Its Centos VA, I assume you think I set trace log verbosity in ESMC server to "trace" and run agent deployment task. I attached log. Existing agents are connection to ESMC fine, only new deployent on new windows installs don't work. trace.log
  12. I have upgraded ESMC in existing appliance via management upgrade task. I have upgraded Centos in appliance via yum update and CIFS VFS error disappeared, but agent deployment to new machine still don't work. What logs do you want to send after deployment?
  13. Hi. After upgrade VA to ESMC 7.1 by update management task, I can't deploy agent to Windows Server 2019: In ESMC agent install task shows that agent is installed fine: But on server nothing is installed. So a searched for problem and see this in /var/log/messages on ESMC VA: I tried deploy agent on WS2012R, and the same error ... VP
  14. Hi I cannot find how to change default MDM ports (9980,9981) on VA MDM appliance: I find only this, but this is for ERA 6.5 and settings in policy is no longer available... Thanks. VP
  15. There are settings, both are on defaults: Application statuses: all are enabled
  16. It was more then 24h after freeing up space on system disk and ESMC still reported modules update failed...
  17. Yes, after restart problem with modules disappeared. ESMC agent is also reporting information about free space on system disk correctly now (via dynamic group).
  18. There was problem with disk space yesterday, but now plenty of space is available on system disk...
  19. Strange, because AV from other company is registering with Security Center in WS2019 fine...
  20. Hello, In ESMC, one server is reporting modules not updated: But when I login to remote server, ESET is resporting that everythnig is fine: Why is not module status updated in ESMC? Thanks, VP
  21. This is after the first installation of ESET on WS2019 (clean install + updates)
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