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  1. Will help myself for the future: hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/mac/v6/ Version Improved: Performance improvements of Real-time protection scanner in certain circumstances Fixed: Rare crash of scanner under special conditions Fixed: 100% CPU load of esets_proxy service during communication with ESET Enterprise Inspector Fixed: Web and Email protection alerts were not displayed in management console Fixed: Saving proxy port number in application preferences did not work
  2. It would be nice to find release notes quickly here, or somewhere organized.
  3. Found -- hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/mac/v6/6.8.400.0/ees_osx_enu.pkg.changelog.html Version 6.8.400.0 Improved: Lower CPU utilization of real-time scanner logs maintenance process Fixed: Profiles used on network interfaces shows also inactive VPN interfaces Fixed: Vulnerability when an attacker can abuse the product's TXT log files to get root rights under special circumstances. Thanks to Cees Elzinga from Langkjaer Cyber Defence A/S; who reported this issue. Fixed: Vulnerability when an attacker can stop ESET service and make ma
  4. Hi, What's new in 6.8.400.0 I see now is available?
  5. Yes, it's KB6570. I've actually followed it and it was helpful, but did not fix my problem.
  6. @mattfippard Could you please run following command in the terminal and post output here? kextstat | grep eset sudo kextutil -verbose /Library/StagedExtensions/Applications/ESET\ Endpoint\ Security.app/Contents/PlugIns/kext/esets_mac_64_109.kext Wondering if you ran into same issue as I'm seeing.
  7. @mattfippardwhich systems do you have issue on? what os? I'm on latest high sierra with all latest updates and problem started after upgrading to the 6.6.800.1 of eset for business.
  8. @mattfippard I'm seeing same problem on my systems — two of iMac Pro fail to load this extension, while iMac 5k works perfectly fine. All of the systems on macOS 10.13.5. What's your systems? Did you find a solution?
  9. I've fixed issue by renaming `/Applications/ESET Remote Administrator Agent.app` into something like `/Applications/ESET Remote Administrator Agent.app_bad` and then running `EraAgentInstaller.sh` twice. Running with -x is useless, as it clearly visible, that error comes from the `echo "Installing package '$local_mount/$local_pkg':" && sudo -S installer -pkg "$local_mount/$local_pkg" -target /` line in the `EraAgentInstaller.sh`
  10. Hi, I've got one workstation (macOS Sierra 10.12.4) which has problem launching agent. I tried to re-install agent, but I'm getting upgrade failure. Launching agent (in Terminal, to see all the errors); $ /Applications/ESET\ Remote\ Administrator\ Agent.app/Contents/MacOS/ERAAgent Loading kernel ! Failed to load library: /Applications/ESET Remote Administrator Agent.app/Contents/MacOS/Kernel.dylib, error: dlopen(/Applications/ESET Remote Administrator Agent.app/Contents/MacOS/Kernel.dylib, 9): Library not loaded: Protobuf.dylib Referenced from: /Applications/ESET
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