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  1. Good Day.


    So I have had ESET SOUTH AFRICA on my sever all most everyday for the last pasted 3 months trying to fix my sever and to fix ERA and the Agent Deployment.

    So in the start I only had 7 computers that need not want to come right on the ERA after following many forums and get eset stuff on the sever. ESET then told me we should reinstall ERA and that will fix the problem. month 2 comes and I still only have 114 of my computers on ERA.. and they can not work out why it is doing this .. for 2 weeks straight I had ESET team on and off my sever via Team Viewer. Then I was told that my fire wall is blocking the repository.eset.com so I let the whole eset.com domain access to my network.. to make sure it was not the fire all.. so the carry on working in my sever.. still only 114 computers on the ERA. So the guy a t eset removes all off the computers again  off ERA  and deploys an uninstall to all the computers on my network to uninstall the old agent.. why I ask .... I get told they are going to reinstall the ERA on the software. so the reinstall ERA.. at this point I last hope this is not going to come right.. so the eset stuff goes on to deploy the new agent.. oh but guess what it fails once again.. so I get a .bat agent and off I go to try and install it to see why it gives error's will eset stuff TALK TO HEAD OFFICE.....???? so long story short I get the error in the pictutres is uploaded with this topic.. 

    then I get told this

    Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 3:18 PM
    To: teamtech@eset.com
    Subject: Re: [Teamtech] Unable to install agent via bat file
    Hi Lundi,

    My 1st guess - looks like some HIPS/CryptoPrevent/GPO/whatever is blocking execution of .VBS scripts from %TMP% folder.
    Do they have anything like that in order? 
    great we know the problem now.. but I want to know this  how dose a eset product block and eset product from installing.. I get told the agent is

    The first ERA server where the ransomware policies were implemented was removed as it could not be accessed, This then forced the reinstallation. The second installation was able to deploy on 144 machines and could not go any further. The current agents & software installed on the network now still have all the ransomware policies intact so it won't allow any scripts so the agent deploy will fail the only option now is to do it manually
    Why in living life dose eset AV pick up the ESET agent.bat as ransomware...
    I need my eset fixed it has been down on all most 300 computers and severs for 3 months now.. and there was a lot of money involved to get this software that worked once in 2 years with 7 computers that had a problem now to 300 computers that have a problem and now I am not protected.. HMMM>>>> do you trust eset tech on your sever I say no<<<<<  

    please note that I have all so tried GPO install .. to push the agent.. no luck as why the AV is blocking the agent from installing

    if any one can please help me work this out..