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  1. Hello ! I forgot my password from Advanced Settings. What should I do ? Thanks.
  2. Hi! How can I perform that every time when I start Windows, an automatically Smart Scan to be set ? Thank you.
  3. Many many thanks sir it WORKED !!! Now I feel again secured with my Eset Smart Security. Thank you again !
  4. Hi ! I attached here my Eset version. About Google Chrome this is the lastest version. I forgot to specify that before I uninstall my Google Chrome the Payment & Banking Protection worked. I don't know my Payment Protection module version, I'm sorry
  5. Hi ! I using Google Chrome for many years and Eset Smar Security same. I love Eset Smart Security, everything linked to it. I have uninstalled my Google Chrome and then I installed again, and my Banking & Payment security doesn't work. Before Eset detected automatically any banking or payment site like PayPal, but now even if I add it into Protected Websites from Banking & Payment protection doesn't work I'm using Windows 10 and I have the last updates. Can anyone help me? Thank you and best regards.
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