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  1. I do agree with above comments , making life easier for enterprise should be the goal behind such admin tools , not to make admins lifer miserable. Previous versions where fine also now the confusion of proxy and mirror and pushing mac clients is all a big mess, installing new endpiont needs 3 tasks and each task progress is visible after minute and need to spend atleast 5-10 minute for any given client installation
  2. I also have similar feeling for new ESET RA tool, you cannot dig to identify the problem also from console , managign 1300 endpoints is not easy with this new tool older tool was just setup and finish. now 3 tasks to run a healthy endpoint and security center annoyances cannot be suppresed with agent even new agent and new software version is reported as not installed properly. Support is not available on chat for middle eastern times and middle east support is just for basic support. Unable to push mac agent after days of attempts need to do live installer option. what action
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