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Eset Smart Security 9 + IPVanish Kill Switch Problem

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Hello im writing to report a huge problem with Eset and Ipvanish. I have noticed when you set the option in ipvanish to enable the kill switch (basically disables your internet if connection is lost to vpn provider) Eset allows all programs to bypass the firewall blocking nothing. This will cause Eset to bypass any rules you have put in place and defeats the purpose of having the firewall at all. I have noticed this only happens if you tick option to Enable Kill Switch in Ipvanish settings. When this option is not turned on in Ipvanish Eset operates correctly using the firewall rules. It would be nice if this could be looked into from Esets end as this provides an extra level of security for using a vpn with eset. I have also reported the issue to Ipvanish who are also looking into the cause of the problem. Kind regards

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