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GUI Crash

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Hi, there! Wanted to write you about an incident I've experienced while testing ESET Ultitimately Smart Extremely Strong Security v.7 or just ESS 7.


So, I was testing (not sure why) the program against PC Security Test 2011:

hxxp://download.cnet.com/PC-Security-Test-2011/3000-2239_4-10696151.html .

On one of the questions, I hesitated and exactly then came and the crash of the GUI. I couldn't move anything on the desktop and after a minute or two a pop-up in the lower right corner told me I was running out of free hard disk space. Another pop-up came telling me something like "Sorry for the inconvenience but...bla-bla ...should close" and BANG! the icon of the program in the tasbar disappeared. Didn't check the task manager though because I stared at the drive where my system was 32kb it read free. Should have been above 3GB. I restarted cause I panicked but thought that could be some generated report. So it was. I was frustrated and uninstalled the application. Something I shouldn't have done. I saved though the report 'cause I know it is beta, and yes $xit happens. That's why I am not mad at you. And now I have a folder on my machine with the respectable size of 3.59 GB of generated crash report. I am not sure how I can help I cant upload it anywhere, and my connection is not one of the fastest. So if you are interested, tell me. Want to help.


Ah, and something else.

The uninstallation didn't go well and after restarted the machine, I had a broken half program. Used the uninstalation tool. Now everything's OK.


Greetings from Bulgaria!


P.S. Operating system Windows XP SP3 Version 2002.

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