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ERA 6 Frustration

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After reading a few posts on here, I decided I should also voice my opinion on this product.  I initially installed the product on a testing server when it was first released.  I hated it back in December just because it was such a huge change in the interface and took forever to figure out things.  I gave up about 2 weeks of trying to dink with it.


I figure I would give it a try again and actually upgraded my production running version 5 to 6.  I have most of everything figured out and it's now not too complicated since I understand the principal and concept of it.  There are a lot of potential with this product, but I would like:


  • Flexibility in the reports - after generating a report, i'd like to be able to sort, filter these reports
  • An easy way to figure out errors as to why agents fail to install, clients upgrades fail, etc... the reports doesn't list this and looking at the agent log in %programdata% is a pain, gotta sift through it
  • Improvements on the memory/footprint of the V6 products.  ESET Agent and service are the highest two of any products under memory utilization


The last thing I encountered is either a bug or else something i'm not doing correctly... There are a few spots where you could select multiple criteria - one is the "add filter" button.  You can only add one criteria at a time.  Why can't you multi-select?  I'm using firefox and have tried, shift+click, ctrl+click, double-click on each item, click-drag --- none of these action allowed me to select multiple filter criteria.  I had to select one, then hit okay, go back in and select a bunch more.

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