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Replace ESMC 7.2 with ESET Protect 9.1 VA

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I have ESMC 7.2 currently installed and running on a windows 2008 R2 server. Our license for ESET is being renewed to ESET Protect Advanced end of Oct.

ESET Protect doesn't support Server 2008 R2 as per the documentation. (We have plans to upgrade the server OS but not until the new year)

I would like to scrap the current ESMC server completely, and install ESET Protect 9.1 VA (We have a ESXi environment) and point all the clients to that virtual machine to then replace the ESMC server. Is there a correct procedure for doing this and if so can someone link the KB for me? 

Our network is small 40 users so if i need to reconfigure them manually i dont mind doing it, obviously if there is a way to do it automatically then thats 1st prize. 

Thanks in advance. 

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