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Can't connect to ESET Inspector Server

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Dear ESET Support,


We have been getting the Error "Can't connect to ESET Inspect Server" sporadically a couple times sofar on a number of clients. The issue would be resolved with a restart. However sometimes the number of clients exceed 600Pcs and any manual restart attempt would not be feasible. We have checked our ESET Apache proxies in terms of resources and they are well below 50% usage. Also apache threadlimits are tweaked to accomodate the number of clients we have (8000 limit for 2500 clients). Any help is appreciated. updating to 1.6.1766.0 has not helped sofar.


Thank you.



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When these errors occur, do you see a spike in "event packet queue" in the EEI Server status dashboard? 

If it is constantly maxing out at 500+ EEI Server is most likely not able to handle the incomming events fast enough. (Database related or disk performance not sufficient) 

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