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Ransomware protection on Mac


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My current antivirus license is about to expire soon, I always read good reviews about ESET but I have some doubts and questions, specifically about Mac protection.

I understand most of the focus is on Windows, I see many features such as Ransomware shield, uefi scan, HIPS aren’t available on Mac. Probably not possible to implement those on Mac Os anyway, is that right?

I also read in ESET’s white paper that rollback after ransomware attacks aren’t good, I’d like to know more about this (unless it’s a trade secret or something).

For example how does ESET stand in protection against Bitdefender Time Machine protection? (Not my current AV by the way).

some people said that ESET is much better programmed than Kaspersky on Mac, is that so?

Also, I see ESET only got tested by AV TEST and AV Comparatives for the Endpoint business solution, I read those tests are expensive. How does home protection compare to business endpoint solutions?

sorry about that many questions, I see your forum has lots of helpful people and mods like Marcos, I’d like to know more before committing to a purchase 

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