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Whitelisted domains still being greylisted in V7!

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As per this post, in V6 I added certain domains to the Domain to IP Whitelist so that any emails from those domains would skip Greylisting, but the domains continued to be greylisted and was promised it was resolved in V7. However I have just checked the logs and found the issue is still happening in V7!

Just to confirm, in ESMX V7, I already have a number of whitelisted domains, including ehouse.co.uk (sender domain) and outlook.com (HELO domain for ehouse.co.uk).

The sender IP address for ehouse.co.uk is and the IP range is showing for both domains within the whitelist. Yet the reason for greylisting the email is "unknown sender and IP address".

Other domains are affected, such as gmail.com and hotmail.co.uk. Again, I have whitelisted both the sender domain and the HELO domain, but the emails from any of those domains are still greylisted.

Interestingly, if I simply open the Domain to IP Whitelist and click "OK" without making any changes, the whitelisted domains are no longer greylisted and an entry appears within the Events log "domains were successfully imported".

When the server is rebooted, the whitelisted domains are greylisted until I reopen the Domain to IP Whitelist interface and click "OK".

This is the exact issue I had with V6!

How come the issue is still occurring and when will it be fixed?

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This issue is still occurring, now with other domains.

For example, emails from southernmonitoring.co.uk (HELO = outlook.com) are sending from IP, and according to the "Domain to IP whitelist", this domain contains This domain is being greylisted for the reason "unknown sender and IP address".

I need to know what's happening about resolving this issue please.

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