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Date information in License manager on my.eset.com


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A few weeks back I reported a problem with the License Manager on my.eset.com. After a website update, the license manager was not showing the update date correctly anymore of every added device.

The fix that was applied, was just removing the update date and replacing it with the activated date. Not what I wanted, because now I can't see anymore what device can be removed from the License Manager. The device that was not used for a long time was the way to be sure the correct device could be removed.

The problem is that after a Windows re-install, it's unclear what license is the correct one, because sometimes the previous license is reused if the hostname is renamed to the previous hostname. But sometimes, because the hostname already exists in the list, it's added under a different name. So the license activation date is inconclusive.

Can the license update date be added again to the License Manager?

Removing both licenses from the License Manager is not an option right now, because the family member is not knowledgeable enough to activate it by himself and is not within the driving distance to let me do it.

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