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Greetings from Tally Solutions!

We at Tally Solutions provide utmost care to our customers, and ensure flawless use of our products with ease. We have been serving more than 1 million customers across the globe, and more than 100 thousands are getting added every year. Of late we got many queries from our customers about antivirus installed in their systems treating Tally programs as 'suspicious' activities, and not allowing them to use the product effectively. Our support team did an analysis, and observed that whitelisting Tally.exe and related supporting files solves the problem. You might have received similar calls from other customers as well.

A customer had reached us with an issue in Tally license service. Eset blocks the tally license service exe (TallyGatewayServer.exe), hence the license doesn't get shared with client machines. After disabling the ESET firewall issue is solved. We had recorded the behavior in a teamviewer session (> 2 MB). Suggest a way to share the recording.  We would be interested to solve the issue generically so that I will effect all our customer base. Please plan accordingly and let me intimated.

Early reply will be appreciated.




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