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After Cleaning what to do


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I got the js/agent.ntd threat about 5 days ago. I had done an in-depth scan at 10:20 am that found nothing, and had problems later in the day. Another in-depth scan found it at about 10pm. So the threat is gone. But I am not sure what it did while it was on my PC. I am chagrined to say that I have some sensitive files such as tax forms and scanned images of id. I looked at last access dates for some of the files and they seemed to suggest there was no recent access, but I do not know if last access date can be trusted. There is some activity reflected in the event log, but I do not recognize anything exceptional. I did not have any auditing of file accesses. I did not have idle time scan on. (I do now.) I probably got the virus via clickbait. 


So two questions: Can I know what information might have been divulged? Is there a reference to using eset to lock down a PC to the maximum extent, whatever the performance cost?


Thanks for reading. 

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