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  1. When I checked the webconsole some minutes ago, I only found new certificates. So this is where something went wrong. How do I install the old certificates? I installed them in Windows but they are not shown in the webconsole.
  2. - I don't have any proxy installed. - The Era Server has a static IP - I removed the ERA database, the new server has a completely new database. I have imported the old certificates. Redeploy is not working. If I try to redeploy the agent and Endpoint Security the task shows endet successful but if I look at the details it shows me that nothing is happened. When this issue stared I have not seen any of my clients in the webconsole anymore. Not even a Active Directory rescan brought them back. After installing the new version a Active Directory scan brought them back but they are shown without any Eset product installed.
  3. Some days ago I noticed that my ERA 6 Server hasn't any clients anymore. Also nearly every of my 350 clients told me that it isn't able to connect to the server to get updates. After testing around without any result I decidet to update ERA to the newest version. I uninstalled the old ERA Server and installed the newest Version I scanned my Active directory and was able to see all clients again but they are not showing me that they have installed the ERA client and Eset Endpoint Antivirus. I decidet to make a task to update their ERA Agent and Endpoint Antivirus version. The tasks started and show as done without errors but I can't see any result in the task and the clients are also not shown in the webconsole. Some of the clients seem to have the update, some not and some are telling me that they are not able to reach the Eset server - also the one which is directly running on the server. Anyone who has an idea what went wrong and how I can get them back to work?
  4. Nope, it fails on several clients but not every time. I made a task that is running every hour now which tries to install the client software. By time I get installed all clients.
  5. So this may be the reason. I am not allowed to open hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/. I am getting a 403 Forbidden error. Is there a way to use other repositorys from Eset or make my own repository on my ERA server?
  6. No, because the client is not acepting the license I was getting from Eset. The License code the client wants is different from the serial number I was getting. I am only able to use the License the Era server is sending to the client.
  7. When trying to activate some Endpoint Security clients via Task in ERA 6, I am getting a message that the Task failed in the security product. Anyone who knows what that means? I am having many free licenses so it could not be that the task failed in cause of no free licenses.
  8. I deleted all Tasks and Policies and made them new. When trying to install a client by remote I'm getting the following message now: GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e2a) No Log entries in the ERA logs on client and server and no more information, not even when creating a report. Any idea what could this error mean?
  9. Can you tell me where you get this log files from? I can't find any of these files on my server.
  10. Anyone who found a solution for this bug? I am having this issue on some clients too. Other clients are working well.
  11. Yes, I did and the proxy server entry is turned off - in all existing policys. This is why I am confused that clients want to connect to a proxy server. Also the connection interval is set to 60 seconds so usually the clients should know that there is no proxy.
  12. Yes, I did. It's exactly the time all servers and clients are getting from the NTP server in our local network.
  13. If I am setting up a new Task in Era 6 and telling it to start at a specific time, the Task - sometimes - is not starting and ignoring the time to start. Is this a known issue or are there any log files where I can look what is or isn't happening? Is there a way to manually start a Task or forcing a Task to start?
  14. I'm trying to install Eset Endpoint Security V 6.2.2033.1 with a Software installation Task. When I look in the Task it is telling me, that the client can't connect to the HTTP proxy. I don't have a HTTP proxy running and I don't have a policy which is saying the ERA Client should use a HTTP proxy. Anyone can tell me why the clients are trying to reach a non existing proxy and how I can tell the clients to work directly with the Eset server instead of using a proxy? Actually I'm not able to install Endpoint security and I don't like to run around and install it manually on 500 clients.
  15. After hours of searching and testing around I found the reason why the task wasn't starting: It was that damn proxy server I installed with the all-in-one-installer. It looks like that the proxy in this installer comes totally misconfigured. If you try to configure it using the following knowledge base article you will get it to run making some modifications because what they write in this article is not working. When starting the proxy will tell you that the entries you shall set in step 8b are not allowed. hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3637/ When getting it to run, the proxy is available -sometimes .... But after the first client tries to get an agent or a virus scanner using the proxy, the proxy crashes and is not available anymore until you restart the server. After I uninstalled the proxy, all tasks are starting like they should. I wondering why there are no logs or the tasks can tell you that they are trying to reach a proxy and could not reach it. Instead of this, they are only telling you that the start has failed...
  16. Did you get this issue solved? I am having this issue on some (not all) clients. I only can see that the activation failed but Eset isn't telling me why it failed. There are also no logs at the client or server where I can look in like it is descriped on the KnowledgeBase. I can find logs only on the ones where the client is activated.
  17. We got Eset Remote Administrator Server V6.2.171.0 and Eset Remote Administrator Webconsole V6.2.155.0 running. If I try to make a task to spread the ERA Agent, the Task is not starting and tells me "Error at Task Start". If I make a report it tells me the same: Error at Task start... This is a very helpfull message for an administrator. The Task is not starting because it has an error... Anyone who has an idea why this error occurs? Would be nice if a Task can tell the administrator why it fails and not only that it fails.
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