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  1. Hello, I wanted the ERA to use the company wide certificate but it seems something has gone wrong. Whenever I try to start the service it stops again after a few seconds. I tried to look up the WIN32_EXIT_CODE, 1066, but that told me nothing. Is there a way I can revive the service or will I have to reinstall the service? Kind Regards
  2. Hello, For the pas few hours I've been trying to deploy the ERA agent to all clients in my network. I am now using a single PC to test the deployment. Every time I get the following error, I've included commentary with each point: I am at a loss what might be causing the issue.
  3. Thank you, switching to MS SQL Server via Windows Authentication did the trick for me (after also changing the login mode on the SQL server).
  4. Hello, I'm getting the aforementioned error when I try to connect to the database server. I installed SQL Server Express using the installer included in the full setup package of ERA. I have set-up the server so it listens on port 1433 and I am also able to make an ODBC to the server however I'm still not able to connect in the setup. Attached: Full error message.
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