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  1. why dose this only apply to USA and Canada, what about customers in the UK? (link from Marcos).
  2. Why the need to explain, its pretty obvious what Steveshank wants. For those people who don't wish to auto renew, show us how to turn this option off. Simple!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi Marcos, how come in your reply you say the new version "SHOULD" have this or that, surely as you work for the company you should know exactly what is or isn't in the new version. If you don't know then ask before posting!!!!!!!!!! otherwise not very helpful.
  4. I am sure, like me, we only have E.Set installed.
  5. Yep same here also, yet another of the many, many buge/problems with version 10, roll on version 11, or perhaps go to a competitor.
  6. A couple of weeks ago I updated to 10.1.204 with no problems except for the known problem of no "pause protection" missing. Today it says there is a product update available but when I click on it nothing happens. So I did a clean install and still it states a product update is available but again nothing happens.
  7. So what is the answer to BALTAGY??
  8. So when is Version 10.2 going to be released ?
  9. Judging by the number of posts on here it would seem that E-Set made a big mistake bringing out version 9, just glad we can role back to version 8 that works with no probs.
  10. Yes I will also revert back to version 8 as there appears to be several problems with slow starts and general lag. First time in many years that I have had a problem with e-set.
  11. No, it only works as it should if you temp disable e-set completely. Thanks. PS sorry forgot to mention I am on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit.
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