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  1. I spoke to ESET several years ago on this subject. Their reply was. No you don't need a second license as if you are dual booting you can only run one instance of NOD32 at any given time. As I said that was some years ago so I'm not sure if it still stands.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Marcos.
  3. Not found any problems with it yet Marcos, up to now it's performed faultlessly.
  4. Best wishes to all. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas
  5. Sorry for the delay itman. In my case it's the same as hal's, an internal sATA DVD drive.
  6. I get that message sometimes hal, always when I've previously used my DVD drive. I just close the warning down and don't get it again unless I use my DVD drive again. I think it's actually more of a Windows error than an ESET one. One day it will get fixed so don't worry about it as it doesn't cause any problems.
  7. I got this pre-release a few days ago, so far I've not had one problem with it ?
  8. Thanks for the Downloads button Marcos, a very worthwhile addition ?
  9. I'm running Windows Insider build 17751 and so far I've experienced no problems with NOD32.
  10. For help on that I suggest you post on this forum https://www.tenforums.com/
  11. Up to now I've had no problems running NOD32 version 11.1.54 on Windows 10 Spring Creators Update 1803.
  12. The above version is now available on pre-release updates. Sorry but I've been unable to find a changelog yet.
  13. darocha I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago. It turned out that one of my Windows 10 settings had changed. Try going to Settings, System, Notifications & actions and make sure that "Get notifications from apps and other senders" is turned on. For some reason this was turned off on my system. After turning on I started getting the message that it was safe to remove my USB key.
  14. Changelog:- Version Added: Scanning of process file-system operations made by pico processes Changed: License expiration messages do not display as Windows toast messages Fixed: An issue that causes files hidden in long directories not to be scanned Fixed: Specific notifications reappear after being closed Fixed: EGUI does not start after initial installation and restart Fixed: The link to "I forgot my password" from License Manager tab leads to incorrect webpage Fixed: Automatic Gamer mode does not work properly when Internet Explorer 11 is changed to full screen mode Fixed: Offline installer for ESET Internet Security installs the wrong product Fixed: “Invalid folder selected” is displayed when selecting a custom install folder, even though the folder exists Fixed: Inconsistent update information is displayed during product upgrade Fixed: Incorrect ESET Firewall state reported to Windows Defender Security Center Fixed: Various internal bug fixes and localization improvements
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