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  1. Only home versions are updated automatically. Endpoint is supposed to be managed by administrators who decide when to deploy a newer version. I guess I should have realised that - I administer ESET as well...
  2. I've installed the version Endpoint v5 is 5.0.2254.1 and so far the registry entries have not changed back. I understand the issues with regards to an older piece of software not recognising a newer operating system. However, it must have recognised that it wasn't installed on Windows 8.1 and shouldn't have defaulted to assuming that all operating systems >= 8.1 are going to be compatible, especially when tinkering with the registry and given that Microsoft are offering Windows 10 as a downloadable update for Windows 7/8/8.1. Also, why didn't the application upgrade itself to 5.0.2254.1?
  3. Thanks for the fix; I will try it out on Monday. I upgraded from Windows 7 and there have been no warnings from OS or ESET to state that the software is not compatible...
  4. We've trusted ESET for years and have just renewed our AV licenses for another year. This may seem like a "niggle", after all, it's not causing an OS crash, but it's the type of niggle that would cost us many hours of frontline support trying to fix. Come on ESET, where's the official response and fix on this? In the meantime, my laptop has been running fine just on Windows Defender and, echoing Pando, this incident will form part of my report on our rollout of Windows 10 and supporting software for our company too.
  5. I've been suffering this problem now all week. The registry files keep resetting back to the wrong values despite trying everything in this thread. I was running an up-to-date version Eset Endpoint 5 with Cleaner v1113. Given up for the moment and uninstalled Eset. So far the problem has not resurfaced. I will reinstall once the problem has been fixed. Doing this as part of a test for our company to pick up any issues with Windows 10 deployment.
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