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  1. I'm sorry to harp on but why aren't people backing up their systems? There's no real reason not to nowadays. It's not rocket science and the software is free. I find it unbelievable all this talk about reinstalling Windows, there's no need.
  2. First of all, manual editing of the registry is not necessary - everything should be fixed automatically by means of the Cleaner module update. Apparently it doesn't fix the registry key on every system for some reason so we need to investigate further to find out what is causing it. This issue doesn't compare to major ones that some other vendors have recently had when certain critical files were erroneously deleted which rendered systems non-functional. In this case, the cause of the issue is an abrupt change of a default value often misused by malware to register in the system that Windows 10 started to use. We've taken it seriously from the very beginning and been working on it for a couple of days already. As I have already written, we are willing to arrange a remote session with anybody who is still experiencing the issue to expedite a resolution. That said, calling this "a BIG letdown" or "very wrong" doesn't sound appropriate to me. "a BIG letdown" or "very wrong" applies to VW. This was a mere irritant, no big deal. If people bothered to back up their systems on a regular basis maybe it wouldn't be such "a BIG letdown" I'll continue using Nod32 V8 and W10 as it is. I'm sure there'll be an Official solution soon, meanwhile If I do suffer the "Big letdown" I'll just reinstate a backup image, 15 minutes , job done.
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