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  1. Hi TomFace, Thank you for letting me know about a similar post. However, I couldn't find the answer from it. The problem is I clicked and allowed Eset to unblock an IP address when the warning came up. I now worry my laptop is vulnerable to eavesdrop as the IP address is no longer under active protection. Nevertheless, thank you for your help. Have a great weekend.
  2. Hi Gonzalo, Thank you for your advice. I have viewed the given KB. This is what I see in the Zone Setup section - on the second line which says "Addresses excluded from active protection", no IP address was assigned. Does that mean the IP address which was previously detected ARP cache poisoning attack is now back under active protection (firewall) even though I allowed Eset to unblock it when the warning first came up. Also In the advanced setup >> Personal Firewall >> IDS exceptions, I could see the detected Duplicate & ARP cache poisoning attack IP address is being categorized as Block = No, Notify = No and Log = No. What does that mean? Is the IP address no longer Block because I gave Eset permission to unblock it when I was asked to choose to continue blocking or unblocking it? Please see screenshot about the IDS exception hxxp://prntscr.com/8ngm9f Please help me determine whether this unblocked IP address (which I gave permission initially) is back under active protection? Thank you once again for your help.
  3. Hi everyone, I live in an apartment with everyone sharing a NBN network and suddenly my laptop showed warning messages "Duplicate IP Addresses & Dected ARP cache poisoning attack". When the instruction asked me to unblocked it....I did so. Now, I am worried that this feature which Detects ARP cache poisoning attack and Duplicate IP address is turned off permanently. Can you tell me how to turn it back on so my laptop is protected from eavesdropping please? I use a Windows 7 and Smart Security 8 as well as Malwarebyte free version. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. Hi pavilion_alex, Thank you so much for your advice. I thought I downloaded Realplayer from the original site. But to be on the safer side, I will use the link you gave me instead. Should I uninstall my Realplayer first before downloading from the link you have given me? Thank you for your help.
  5. For the past week, my Eset Smart Security (version 8.0.312.0) has been blocking these two sites even though I did not visit them. They showed up at the bottom right hand side of my screen, "Address has been blocked". Please see the links below: Initially, this one is blocked: hxxp://cache-download.real.com/free/windows/installer/upgradehelper/xml/v11/rp17/stubinst_config_en.xml And now, this is blocked instead: hxxp://cache-download.real.com/free/windows/installer/upgradehelper/xml/v14/rt1/stubinst_config_en.xml?prod=RealPlayer&ver=18.0&distcode=T10ENUH06&loc=au&li=en&oem=rt1_en_us I also experience the same thing when I tried to do a Windows Update. I use Windows 7. Ran in-depth scan twice and no virus was detected. I also ran free version of Malwarebyte and again no threat was found. May I know do the above links pose any threat to my laptop? Are they virus? Why Eset is blocking them? How could I update my Windows then? I am also experiencing problem with my Word document. Sporadic scrambled sentences appear after I make changes, save and open the file. I am not entirely certain whether these two issues are interrelated. Could someone please help me solve these problems? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I use Windows 7
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