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  1. Is it possible to get older version of ESET Remote Administrator Server ? I need 6.1 version. I've installed 6.2 version but I'm not happy... workstations freeze very often (even if hotfix is installed). Can i get download link ? Cheers
  2. I've just uninstalled all ERA components (server,proxy,ms sql server and apache tomcat). Then I installed new version of ERA console (6.2). After installation web console does'nt work. https://localhost/erashows nothing hxxp://localhost/eraof course shows HTTP 404. Can you help me? InstallReport.html
  3. Hello. I have problem with installation Eset Endpoint Antivirus 6 (x86) on Windows XP SP3. I've uninstalled previous version of antivirus without problems. When I'm trying to install new version it occurs errors while it's trying to start Eset Service (ekrn.exe) problem. I have also tried to cancel installation but I can't because it occurs errors too (typical Windows XP "Send/Don't send error"). I'm including attachment (it's in polish but u will just see what error it occurs everytime it's trying to do something with ESET Service). Any ideas ?
  4. Hey. I've configured ERA that every PC in company get updates from HTTP Server (IP: On one workstation I've blocked all websites except windows update websites. Since I've blocked this websites this workstation cant get updates from this HTTP Server. I've added HTPP server's IP to trusted URLS, but it doesn't work. Any ideas ?
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