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Found 22 results

  1. Dear ESET, i have same question with them https://forum.eset.com/topic/6819-mirror-tool-status-code/ whether it was created error code mirror tools translated? for example i have error : perfrom full mirror failed with error: undocumented serious error. Error code is: 4122 Error occured. King Regards.
  2. I have recently installed ESET File Security on one of our Windows servers, I have installed version 6.5.12013.0. I plan to set this server to create the mirror, for updating ESET Endpoint Antivirus on our 9 client PCs. Please can you confirm that the mirror will contain the correct definitions updates for ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.6x? Or should I create the mirror from one of these client PCs instead of the server (not ideal). Many thanks in advance for your assistance. We are unable to use the HTTP proxy in our current environment, so we want to just use the simple mirror method.
  3. hello everyone, i'll make this short, we upgraded ERA 5.x to 6.x recently, i know there have been too many frustration over the new ERA but i managed to get my way through looking around the forums for similar issues. my bumper right now is obviously the updates which is a huge concern (over 340 clients with outdated DB). here's what was done: Apache HTTP proxy was installed with the all-in-one installer Apache HTTP proxy was configured as per the article here did not set a password for Apache access webpage access test for Apache installation (hxxp://localhost:3128/index.html) is
  4. Good day All! I am working for an SMB and in our office we are using ERA 6.5. The help I want is information (or confirmation) from the community about how best to implement my aim of being able to oversee AV on the 5 sites I discuss below (it will reach 10 sites in 12 months time), while each site's endpoints all update themselves using one mirror onboard. In the office we have around 80 clients, connected to ERA which is installed on one server hosted in the cloud. This is all working fine, I am just stating what is in place and implemented properly before I move on. However w
  5. Hello everyone, I've replaced old Antivirus server ESET 5 to ESET 6 after using a long time. I'm having a trouble when I trying to create a mirror update server on ESET 6 Remote Administrator. Even though I had tried to find the way to create a mirror like the old one, ESET 5. Could you guys give me some idea about my issue ?
  6. With ERA 5, i can set client custom info for computers with mirror enabled or Update server. How can i do that in ERA 6 ? is it possible ?
  7. Hello, Im wondering how delayed updates work. I know you can active regular ou delayed updates for ESET server. You can do the same for computers. And you also can use mirroring for computers. Can someone explain me plz how these parameters interact ? Can I have regular update for my server, and a computer with delayed update ? And if a computer is mirroring updates for an other, both of them should have the same update type parameter ? (regular or delayed) Thank you !
  8. Hello How to use this option updat from usb? attach screenshot see & check if possible so how to update ...? like mirror files copy to usb or what? Regards Vimarsh panchal
  9. Just wanted to provide some feedback. I deployed the ESET ERA Appliance for HTTP Update Caching (the ERA running on TCP 3128) and it is working great for caching updates for our clients. I've read a lot on the forums with end-user frustration with deploying the HTTP Proxy update/cache servers and this was very easy. Just required ticking a box during the web-OVA configuration. I wanted to note that on all eight servers running updating caching using the OVA, I ran successfully the Linux Agent to include these full-ERA HTTP proxies in the dashboard of our Remote Administrator that handl
  10. Hey Eset very nice product ERA 6.2 i like it very much, but u i have question about how to create update mirror server & how to apply updates in clients from era server & can we save we save update in other folder & send updates from it to clients? please help me for this i follow kb links but i cant understand how to create it if u have any pdf or tutorial please send me. Regards Vimarsh
  11. Hey. I've configured ERA that every PC in company get updates from HTTP Server (IP: On one workstation I've blocked all websites except windows update websites. Since I've blocked this websites this workstation cant get updates from this HTTP Server. I've added HTPP server's IP to trusted URLS, but it doesn't work. Any ideas ?
  12. We are trying to architect an ERA plan that will take into account laptop devices that are often not on our corporate network for long periods of time. We can always tell the local client to communicate directly with the ESET servers, but we also want the client to communicate with our ERA environment for auditing and tracking purposes. Is there a recommended design or plan that ESET has to allow for this? My first thought is to put an ERA proxy on our DMZ that will communicate with our ERA server. I would like to get other opinions and hear what others are doing for scenarios like this
  13. Hello, I am trying to figure out if we need install just the Apache proxy or both the Apache and ERA Proxy on our remote servers. I've read the KB articles on the proxy setup and it doesn't clearly outline what the process is if you want to use Apache. Thank you, Evan
  14. Looks wie still have the protoscan2 bug on our primary mirror (ERAS 5). Clear update cache seems not working. If I create a new update mirror on some of our clients, the bug is fixed there. How can I fix it in eras? THX a lot,
  15. Hello everyone, We are trying to implement the eset suite of software to secure our servers and we are running into some issues. The first one that I would like to fix with your help is the absence of packages in the package manager when I try to setup a task to remotely install the antivirus software. In the remote administrator's web interface, I navigate to the task creation and I created a new task. Within this task, I am asked to select a package to install. Unfortunately, nothing is listed in the popup window except for a nasty "No data available" line. The server on wh
  16. Hi, i've looking for some information about installation process of Apache HTTP proxy on linux but i cant find anything. Is there any manual about this? The package I've downloaded from eset site is prepared for use in Windows. I think there should be no issues about running proxy under appache in any other operating system. It's a bit silly to run this proxy under windows where there is Virtual Appliance based on CentOS. Thanks. Marty
  17. Hi Champ, Is there any disaster recovery manual for ESET ERA and Endpoint Security Version 6 in the event of disaster ? Example: Prepare for disaster recovery, Perform disaster recovery Cheers, Aswath
  18. I have an issue that I've been banging my head against for a while now. I have ERA servers on my network. Two of them are running across satellite. Rather than get their updates (for the clients) from the web I want them to get it from a single primary server across our WAN. For reference the two satellite servers are Aly and Dut and the source server should be Sea. Sea is getting updates no problem and creates the mirror without any issues. But when I specify Dut and Aly to use Sea as the Update Server I get the error "Failed, BAD_URL (date/time)". The logs specify this as error 0x1203.
  19. Hello, I am very new to the ESET management and deployment. I have two questions with respect to the ERA Server. Question 1: I have deployed two ERA servers in two locations (geographically two locations) and configured Replication between them. I have designated one server as Primary and other one as Member. Now, I am able to see both the ERA servers from the Primary Server console and clients of both ERA servers in the Primary Server as well. This is fine till this point. Now actually my question : If my users are travelling from one location from another location w
  20. Hello, we are business user and using Eset Remote Administrator (version 5.1.34) in combination with Eset Endpoint Antivirus clients (version 5.0.2126.0). We noticed that server could not update virus signature database, it's stuck on version 9295. Update server is set to ''Choose automatically''. Clients whose policy is configured to update virus sig. database directly from Internet are updating without problem. Same problem occurred last week, miraculously reboot of server solved the problem but today it wasn't a case. Did someone had a similar problem? Every help appreciated.
  21. Hello, I configure an Eset File Security to be an update mirror for my Eset Endpoint Security clients. No problem to install the mirror... But why can't I get the Eset Endpoint Security available ? I just have Eset Smart Security updates... Anyone could help me ?
  22. Hello everyone, I'm having a big trouble from update processing of the ERA Server. When I try to download the update occurs the following error shown in the image below: ">hxxp:// My version is the Portuguese-BR, but this error tells about a error named 40021,1. Every time i try to start the update download this error occurs. I have looking for this error on ESET Knowledge Base but i have found nothing about that. If Someone could help, i will be very grateful, Tks Everyone
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