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  1. Thank you. I have submitted a support ticket now. Cheers, Edmond.
  2. We have recently bought a Microsoft Surface Go 4 and is having trouble encrypting the disk with EFDE. We deployed the license and software but we got the error that the Surface does not support 3rd Party Encryption CA. So we went into Secure Boot Configuration and enable both Microsoft + 3rd Party CA. Now the EFDE app complained that the disk is not compatible for encryption. Anyone have any success in encrypting a Surface Go 4 please? PS: We are on version of EFDE. Thanks, Edmond.
  3. Hi there, We use ESET Full Disk Encryption on our clients. Is there a system default that set how long when the authentication password expires please? And if so what is the default value please? I can see the Built-in EFDE policy has no settings for password expiry. We have a custom policy too but we didn't enable the settings for password expiry. But looks like the system has a default that enables password expiry. Yet, I have no idea how long password will expire. I know I can set a custom policy to make password not to expire but is there a list of this plus other default settings for EFDE if we don't not apply any custom policy please? I know the default password characters policy are upper and lower case, plus number and with a minimum length of 8. That is obvious during the setup. Thanks.
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