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  1. ok, so while the server is rebooting (booting up CentOS 6.6) i can ping the server, but once the ESET software has loaded up, i guess this is blocking ping replies. however everything now seems to be working as it should.
  2. Ah yes sorry let me get that for you now. Remote Administrator Console : V2.2.26.0 V6 ESET Remote Administrator - Linux Appliances (Server) | v6.1.33 the ideal is to use the console on admin computers instead of remoting into the web portal to administer the Eset server, to perform all the usual tasks involved with running an AV server. hope that helps. Paul S
  3. any ideas why i can't connect to the ESET Server ? i have the correct username and password, but it can't find the server. many thanks
  4. Any ideas on this one ESET ? how do i setup a virtual machine backup ? i've already created a snapshot of the VA... thanks.
  5. i cant find the agent installer on the Eset website to deploy via GPO... can someone post the link please. thanks
  6. hi this is not a windows server, it's the CentOS 6.6 distro of ESET Remote Administrator Console. the first time i deployed it using VCenter Console i had used a Hostname that was too long, but i could ping the ESET Server.. the main reason i ask about pinging the server is that i can't seem to get a connection from the test computer to ESET Server... but the Agent doesnt seem to report back to the Eset server. i can see the listening ports are open on the test computer (i've opened all of them to be sure) i'm sure it's something simple that i'm just not seeing.
  7. hi there, i can't seem to ping the Eset Remote Administration Server ? when trying a previous deployment i could no problems, this maybe a rookie mistake but i just can't think why, any ideas anyone ? I have deployed the agent to a test computer. i can see the agent is running on the test computer. I've opened all the ports needed that i can see in the quick start guide. i don't get any updates on the Eset server from the computer, so no OS info etc etc. Eset Endpoint Antivirus Install task doesn't seem to run. there may be more than one issue here, i feel like i'm just banging my had against a brick wall. Hellllpppp
  8. i've just deployed the CentOS Eset Virtual Appliance Server, and i'm getting an error as pictured in my attachment. i'm also not sure it's correctly joined the our domain, but i'll start with resolving the backup first. we have moved from Eset remote administrator console V3.1.15, so this is a bit of a learning curve. Any help you can give would be really great ! thanks Paul S
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