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  1. something with the rules is definetely wrong, tryed every workaround here, yesterday I installed EIS from the scratch (deinstalled every rest of ESET with the Eset cleaner) changed the Firewall to Interactive Mode and recreated the rules - and now I got a message from Eset for the Windows 10 "backgroundTaskHost.exe" - but I have already created a rule (permit all outgoing traffic) for exactly that file yesterday
  2. I had the problem with Win10 1607 and now Win10 1703 - I can fix it now most of the time by disabling all 3 Problems (Firewall,IDS,Botnet) -> close the GUI -> open it again and enabling all 3 again without the need for reboot
  3. exactly, and what makes it even more annoying, you don't see it, if you don't open the GUI !!! Why does not even the Home-Page of the GUI cry out loud, that there is a problem ???
  4. alright my system is running normal after the latest pre-release updates were install no longer have to rename the ehdrv.sys and is not crashing with this pre-release updates Virus signature database: 12027P (20150731) Rapid Response module: 6441 (20150731) Update module: 1060 (20150617) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1464 (20150724) Advanced heuristics module: 1158 (20150730) Archive support module: 1234 (20150721) Cleaner module: 1109 (20150519) Anti-Stealth support module: 1081 (20150727) Personal firewall module: 1278 (20150716) Antispam module: 1029 (20141103) ESET SysInspector module: 1247 (20150618) Real-time file system protection module: 1009 (20130301) Translation support module: 1377 (20150729) HIPS support module: 1192 (20150728) Internet protection module: 1207 (20150708) Web content filter module: 1036 (20140625) Advanced antispam module: 2456P (20150727) Database module: 1070 (20150721) LiveGrid communication module: 1019 (20141104) Specialized cleaner module: 1010 (20141118) thanks guys for all the hard work on this can't verify that - I have the same Motherboard and AI Suite 3 installed and still got the freezes with the normal pre-release Updates
  5. Just did the complete memory dump manually after the freeze (could reproduce it 3 times) - but the file is 16GB and rar-compressed still 624MB.
  6. Just got the Anti-Stealth Module 1081 - the problem still exists -> after reboot Freeze in exact the same Moment the Icon in tray starts to spin After I quickly deactivate all the AISuite III Services and running tasks before the first scan of Eset the problem did not appear I have an Asus Z87 Sabertooth mit AI Suite III (only the Fan Module) installed and the Eset SS 8.0.319.1 with Prerelease Updates
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