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  1. Sorry about the delay on my part, I've been rather busy. Just tried installing the 1462 module and re-installing the Gigabyte App Center. No BSOD on boot, so there's definitely progress there. I'll keep both installed for now and see if it holds up over the weekend. Just cheked, I personally do not have that installed, so at least for me that wasn't the culprit. *Update* So, my PC has been running for a good 14 hours now with the 1462 module installed together with the gigabyte app center, and everything works smoothly. No BSODs, no performance issues, just smooth sailing al
  2. Odd. Like I said, I shouldn't have gotten any updates from them as I turned off auto-update. Their latest BIOS update is from last year, too. Still, it seems to have been the culprit. Ran my system through some tests and played a few different games to see what would happen, but everything seems back to normal. CPU/GPU/RAM loads are fine, temperatures are well within normal range... I guess that settles it, then. Wonder if I should send a message to gigabyte about this, or whether that's even worth it. I personally pretty much never used the software anyway. At any rate, thank you Marcos.
  3. Well, this is interesting. I just uninstalled all GIGABYTE related software... and suddenly ESET works without causing BSODs on boot. I didn't have any of the GIGABYTE apps set to auto-run, let alone auto-update however, so how in the world it managed to mess with the system while it worked fine for months, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Of course, I have no idea whether things will stay stable over the rest of the day, but it looks promising at least. I'll do some stress testing and report on how things went.
  4. Same. Gigabyte G1.Sniper B6. I have some of the mobo's diagnostic software installed, but I only run it when I actually need it.
  5. Thanks for the swift reply. I have just installed the hotfix, unfortunately it did not help. However, something happened that might be of interest. When I tried to re-enable normal startup in system configuration, it wouldn't let me and instead jumped back to selective startup with ESET disabled. Figuring a re-install of ESET would fix it, I tried uninstalling, but it wouldn't let me. The uninstaller hit a wall when it got to the registry entries, saying it cannot delete the keys as it doesn't have sufficient access to them. Rebooting into safe mode let me properly uninstall, then on
  6. Good day, Earlier today, my new (8-ish weeks old) computer suddenly crashed into a persistant BSOD whenever I boot. A bit of troubleshooting later, it turns out to be a BSOD code related to detection of general hardware problems. Booting into safe mode (win7 64bit) worked fine, so I ran some general hardware checks and stresstests: no problems detected. Doing a clean boot also works fine. Ran more test, again no hardware issues detected. Lastly, I tried booting my pc with more and more services enabled at start-up to see if I could figure out the culprit. Turns out it's ESET, much to my
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