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  1. hi all recently I encountered update problems as you can see in the attachment i have 2 PCs and 1 laptop so i see this problem in all of them sometimes plz help me
  2. Actually you are right and it seems that all of the eset functions are working but somehow eset cannot detect that these firewall functions are running.
  3. I finally decide to downgrade my ESET version to Ver9 and its works fine in past 2 weeks but today I saw that the same problem has appeared.
  4. thanks for your reply but as I mentioned in my previous comment (top image) its started but the problem still remains
  5. I've switched to testupdates (about 90MB new update files are downloaded) but sadly the problem still remains.
  6. Wow, that's weird. I have 4 PCs with the exact same problem without any luck!!!
  7. it's quite strange: I checked firewall and it's still working even when GUI shows that it's Disabled!!!
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