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    broderframefix received kudos from SlashRose in Green border around browsers   
    I would but the replies here also indicate they like this feature. To be honest I hate the feature even if it worked properly and removed the green frame within seconds (again mine doesn't go away and I get yellow and red frames).
    For me it is simple, I don't want any borders ever. Even appearing for a few seconds is annoying because again, I have to capture my screen for work so there are many times when I will be recording my screen and then need to load browser fresh, then green frame appears lol even if it goes away it ruins my work and recording and adds more work for me. 
    I've had this software for 5 years and it has functioned nicely in the background as it should. Now it is appearing on screen and I cannot get rid of it. I could reinstall and upload logs but that will not fix my issue as this is a design flaw for me and I'm sure many, many others, just no one wants to be bothered to do the work to create an account and come post here.
    Anyways I've said what I needed to, I will check back in a month because my subscription runs into early next year and I can reinstall if this border frame feature is fully removed or full remove toggle is added. Otherwise I'll just look into a new solution after 1 month.
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    broderframefix received kudos from SlashRose in Green border around browsers   
    I uninstalled the software because I can't have borders for my work. Just being honest, based on the admin replies it seems like the feature is running as you guys intend and you do not see any issues. I have unfortunately invested too much time into trying to fix this, I feel as though a lot of the things I've said in my messages have been essentially ignored. I wish you guys the best of luck but I'm going to find another solution. I never create accounts to bring up issues, I only made this one because I've enjoyed Eset for 7 years now and was hoping I could get a better response. Again, wish you guys the best.
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