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  1. I don't have a screenshot of the gui handy but ERA shows this: When you go to services, the agent is running but the client isn't. I can start the service without a problem manually but it won't come back after a restart.
  2. This solution is kind of problematic for those with hundreds of endpoints isn't it? We have a BUNCH of machines where ESET won't start after a reboot.
  3. I guess I needs some help with the logic on my dynamic template. The template that I have created says: NAND, not equal to MAC address. This is applied to a dynamic group that I have created under a static group containing my master images. With only my masters in the folder, the dynamic group is empty, which is expected. However, when I clone (in my case recompose linked clones) the clones end up in Lost and Found instead of the dynamic group that I have created. I have just enabled logging via policy but can someone help me understand the flaw in the logic that's causing the clones
  4. I am using the method referenced below to clone virtual desktops but am having trouble getting the group dynamic group to populate correctly. The template that I have has a list of NAND not equal to a specific list of master image MAC addresses. The problem is, when I clone, even though the new machines have different MACs, they never populate into the dynamic group. Instead, I see in the details of the master image, multiple NICS with unique MACS. Have I written my template wrong? Yes, you are right and it won't work. Actually previous example was not practical, but was sho
  5. I'm glad to see this finally come to fruition. The licensing FAQ addresses license count but I don't see anything about additional licenses for the virtual appliances themselves. Are they included?
  6. I have heard that ESET may announce vShield Endpoint compatibility soon... That would make threads like this one go away. I used a competitors product that way at my last company and it is SOOO much nicer to manage AV at the host instead of the endpoint! Totally invaluable in a non-persistent environment.
  7. I am also in need of this capability. I think the settings password may have been compromised and it will be changed but I would like to know if I can remotely re-enable protection.
  8. For security reason, we are not able to punch a hole in the firewall for the ERA agent. Where do I find the stand alone license key associated with our account?
  9. I am seeing this same issue today. Several clients have old warnings that have since connected many times. Is there a way to clear the warning?
  10. I walked into an environment where about 3/4 of the clients have been deployed WITHOUT the management server IP set but WITH the ESET firewall enabled. Since the ver 5 console is basically useless to me unless they're managed, I stood up a ver 6 console and have been deploying agents to machines that didn't have the firewall enabled. The machines WITH the firewall enabled are a black hole. I have not been successful deploying agents to them with several different methods. Even the GPO method was hit and miss. My questions are... Is there any hope of: 1. Getting the ERA Age
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