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  1. I'm trying to do something similar, except make a dynamic group that shows computers without an agent, and then use that as a trigger to automatically install an agent. However I can't figure out what to use. In the template I've used Activation . Managed by ESET Remote Administrator = no . I've also tried Computer . Managed products mask with agent selected and a NOR. With both nothing shows up in the group. Any other thoughts?
  2. I have a problem where sometimes an odd user will take it upon themselves to disable either the firewall protection or realtime protection, thinking it will somehow improve the performance of their computer (being trained by symantec endpoint protection). It seems there should be a task in remote administrator to force this back on. Or very least a policy I can set in ERA 6 that won't let end users disable either protection, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. Could be there, maybe just in an odd spot or not too clear. Thanks in advance, -Dave
  3. I just wanted to warn people. I have now had 3 Backup Exec Media servers hosed by ERA. If you select the task to uninstall third party antivirus software on your media server, ERA will hose your Backup Exec Installation. It'll strip out most of the program files, services, leave an entry in add/remove programs, and leave the sql database behind. About the only way to recover is remove the sql instance, use the Symantec Cleanup tool to rip it out, reinstall Backup Exec, and recover you database and catalog. I figured I'd mention this to save others the hours of fun that I've had Have experienced this with both Backup Exec 2012, and Backup Exec 2014. Thanks -Dave
  4. Whenever I try the Remote Administrator Components Upgrade task, and go to select a server, there is no server listed to select
  5. Good info as i also have botched certs I'd like to hide. -Dave
  6. Great, hope I didn't botch my install. I had the all-in-one install and as per eset support earlier I upgraded by downloading the stand alone methods. Curious how this will play out. Will report back if I notice anything funky. -Dave
  7. Ok for folks following this thread. Seems there is a KB article now (hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN3669) . Reading it I was unsure that this was gonna change anything, as I had basically done the same before. But, I decided to re-download the server install to be safe, and went from that. I ran the setup, set it to windows authentication, clicked next, the program paused, suspense building........and it worked. My guess is they changed something in the install file to help bypass the problem. If you're still getting the authentication problems, I'd suggest re-downloading the server install. -Dave
  8. I was told it was autogenerated, as to whether its stored in that file as plain text or encrypted, I cannot say. I do know when I tried to type it in as a database password, as it was presented in the config file, the connection wouldn't work, so this lead me to believe it was stored in that file in encrypted format.
  9. Hey Jim, I never knew the plain password. I'm told the all-in-one installer will autogenerate a password for the install instead of asking you to create one. To P.R. I'm having problems with eset activating endpoints with my new purchased licenses. I was able to activate some off of the new ones before, but now it seems i can only activate using my trial licenses. My trial licenses expire on Mar 7th and concerned that this is a bug of the old version and wonder the implications once it gets to the 7th. So hopeing that KB article comes out very soon, soon then later anyways. Thanks for the update regardless
  10. It could be my password in that file is encrypted. Did you find a way to unencrypt it?
  11. Using windows authentication did not work for me. I was told by support that if you use the all in one install a password and username is automatically generated, and to find it go to. C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Configuration\startupconfiguration.ini However, even when I typed those in I could still not connect. Even when trying all 3 drivers. My initial install was nothing fancy, no weird configs. Just a windows server with all the default options.
  12. I too am stuck at a prompt for a username and password for a database. As well I don't recall entering one in during the regular install and just used the defaults
  13. Guess I should of mentioned in my original post that I'm on the Windows Platform as well. But I will also need to know how to update the proxy server I have installed
  14. Same question here. I have the old version 6 ERA installed and would like to update. I was told that by support that I'd have to do a special manual install when the new one came out, and that there would be a kb article released at the same time it came out. Not seeing it anywhere.
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