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  1. I tried "name" originally as that was the value in v6 and it didn't work. I've just tried it again having removed previously sync'd AD users and it has worked. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm largely using default settings with the exception of User Extinction Handling which is set to remove, screenshot attached. If I use the browse button next to Distinguished Name I can see and select the OU's, so ESMC can access and read the groups from AD.
  3. Following a database issue with ERA v6 I've had to setup a new ESMC v7 VA server in HyperV. The server has been successfully joined to the domain and I've created a User Sync task with a valid AD account to sync my AD details with ESMC. Running the task I am getting my user accounts sync with ESMC but the OU's that they are situated in are not pulling across, if I look at Computer Users within ESMC I just get a folder icon and no name next to it. A separate task to sync my computers objects and their OU's is working fine using the same credentials. The User Sync task was setup in a sim
  4. Can the installer bundle for 6.4 be deployed from a ERA5 server (perhaps as an upgrade) with configuration settings that will point to an ERA6 server?
  5. I've setup a fresh ERAS using the Hyper-V Appliance and have created a new task to sync my computer objects within AD to the server. I'm using a Cron Expression so that this task executes every 2 hours, but when I check the execution logs it seems to be occurring every second. The expression is; "* * 0/2 * * ? *" which looks correct to me.
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