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  1. and even an own-goal: hxxp://static3.esetstatic.com/fileadmin/scriptmerger/merged/head-cdd769fd1330080cbaff836d7ddf60bf.merged.js JS/ScrInject.B trojan Has anyone raised a case for this with support?
  2. I am not going to deploy v6 to test a problem with v5 - I was cleaning up the mess for weeks after I tried that last time. Even if it works with v6 how does that help me when I will NOT be rolling out v6? Can you advise if : 1. my understanding of how this setting is supposed to work is correct or correct me if not 2. achieving the desired behaviour is possible in v5 Thanks.
  3. I spotted it to the last run time, it was set to Monday evening - that's how i spotted this. I was avoiding the "As soon as possible" setting to avoid too-frequent scans, but that will be my fallback if we cannot get this setting to work as expected.
  4. We have a nightly scan scheduled job at 10pm and it is set to "Run task immediately if the time since its last execution exceeds specified interval" where I have set 24 hrs. My understanding of this setting is that if the computer was turned off Tuesday night before 10pm and then used Wednesday morning but again turned off before 10pm, that upon use Thursday morning the nightly scan should run. But this does not seem to be happening on multiple machines. Can someone confirm what is expected from this setting in this case or clarify how I can set up a schedule for a daily scan that
  5. Confirmed fixed for me without having to manually remove the files - but i did need to reboot. Why isn't the alert article hxxp://support.eset.com/alert5553/ updated? as my symptoms do not match and neither does the suggested fix on it, but the workaround and final update do fix it.
  6. My EFSW server has continued to receive updates and has never received the socket error, but is not connecting to ERA since reboot. Sysinspector workaround also fixes it for me. I hope the fix being tested also resolves this.
  7. is this confirmed fixed in v6? what is the solution for those of us who cannot move to v6?
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