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  1. Is it possible to exclude files matching a pattern like mm??-*.mdb from live scanner?
  2. Is there any ERA 6 documentation besides the user guide and the knowledge base? Especially, are error codes described anywhere?
  3. Where is ERA 6 Proxy configured to listen to IPv4 address? On Debian Jessie, it's listening only to IPv6.
  4. @bbahes: I've turned the VM network interface into promiscuous mode. The KVM-Host Bridge also. The packages are shown in tcpdump, but the RD Sensors isn't working. I wonder what else the difference between a VM and a physical machine could be. The German Support isn't answering anymore. They don't seem to have a solution.
  5. I've already tried reinstalling the agent as suggested in Topic 4048 but this didn't change anything. The VM with rogue detection service is shown in the console with a green checkmark. According to status.html Agent replication is working, so maybe it's a RD issue?
  6. Yes but only RD Sensor appears to be having problem. They've apparently only fixed Windows version. Not Linux. I don't know if this is a RD Sensor or Linux-Agent problem. At least, there are some errors in the agent-logfile. Maybe they help to narrow down the issue: 2015-04-22 06:11:31 Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread 7f06377f6700]: Failed to get system update state 2015-04-22 07:01:26 Error: CRDSensorConnectorModule [Thread 7f06367f4700]: IPCClientConnector: Data received callback, errCat: Generic, errCode: 103, errMsg: Connection aborted, clientState: Disconnecting, receive
  7. The bug didn't affect Windows systems. Are those undetected computers in the same network with no firewall between computers and virtual appliance? Also just to make sure, SELinux is disabled, isn't it? They're in the same network. There's no firewall between. In /var/log/eset/RogueDetectionSensor/trace.log scans are logged. SELinux isn't enabled. The VM is Debian Jessie.
  8. Four hours ago I've asked ESET support, but I got no reply yet.
  9. Of course, I've installed both. Agent and Detection Sensor in the same VM.
  10. Dear All, I'm installing the Antivirus 6 MSI-package. After installation, there's an activation dialog shown. Is it possible to supress this dialog? Are there any parameters in the MST-file? Activation is done by Agent. I fear that all users will call and ask what to enter in this dialog. Thank you in advance. Christian
  11. I've just downloaded the Agent a few days ago, it's version 6.1.450.0. So this bug shouldn't appear anymore ... ?????
  12. Basically, the Detection seems to be working, at least the Detection Log is filled: 2015-04-20 06:26:01 Trace: PC Detection [Thread 7f217c3f9700]: Computer with IPv4: 2015-04-20 06:26:02 Debug: OSDetector: [Thread 7f215b7fe700]: Time is up! 2015-04-20 06:26:02 Debug: OSDetector: [Thread 7f215b7fe700]: 0 returned probes out of 12 2015-04-20 06:26:02 Warning: CInfoWorker [Thread 7f215b7fe700]: Info Worker warning: OS Detection on failed: Not enough probes returned
  13. Exactly the same issue here! On the machine, where the ERA Rogue Detection Sensor is installed, there's the following line in the Agent Logfile: 2015-04-20 06:13:51 Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread 7f06377f6700]: Failed to get system update state I've already reinstalled the agent.
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