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  1. I am using Internet Security 10.0.390.0. It is doing an excellent job of blocking and stopping SPAM Email. However I am now getting SPAM Email that when I say block this Email - ESET says Invalid Email address. So how can I block this Email from coming into my Inbox. I have looked on discussions and found: But this didn't seem to help me very much. Can any one help me to know how to stop these Emails finishing up in my Inbox?
  2. I have removed SpeedZooka and have asked for a refund that they are giving me. I have downloaded the free CCleaner that works fine and is not treated as a Virus threat. I know that the experts say that registry cleaning will not improve the speed of one's PC. (Certainly with a fast i7 processor a few less lines in the registry is neglible). But often a registry cleaner like CCleaner will allow you to clean out all the temporary/junk files left by browsers, installers etc... Also I have found that when I have deleted an application called lets say 'fred' and then look in my registry there a
  3. I purchased Zookaware Speedzooka a registry cleaner. The set up file comes from their site. But ESET NOD32 version 8 treats it as just a virus infected and deletes it: If I manage to scan it ESET says:Scan Log Version of virus signature database: 10987 (20150109); Date: 09/01/2015 Time: 12:16:56; Scanned disks, folders and files: C:\temp\;C:\tmp\C:\tmp\speedzookasetup.exe » NSIS » SpeedZooka.exe - a variant of Win32/Adware.RegGenie application - cleaned by deleting - quarantined [1]Number of scanned objects: 29; Number of threats found: 1 Number of cleaned objects: 1 Time of completion: 12:
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