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  1. I am using Internet Security 10.0.390.0. It is doing an excellent job of blocking and stopping SPAM Email. However I am now getting SPAM Email that when I say block this Email - ESET says Invalid Email address. So how can I block this Email from coming into my Inbox. I have looked on discussions and found: But this didn't seem to help me very much. Can any one help me to know how to stop these Emails finishing up in my Inbox?
  2. I have removed SpeedZooka and have asked for a refund that they are giving me. I have downloaded the free CCleaner that works fine and is not treated as a Virus threat. I know that the experts say that registry cleaning will not improve the speed of one's PC. (Certainly with a fast i7 processor a few less lines in the registry is neglible). But often a registry cleaner like CCleaner will allow you to clean out all the temporary/junk files left by browsers, installers etc... Also I have found that when I have deleted an application called lets say 'fred' and then look in my registry there are loads of 'fred' entries all over the place. As this is the heart of the OS system, I just want to keep it clean and tidy. A pity that software company/writers can't un-install properly. So I hear what so called experts say, but I still like cleaning my registry, and I am not doing for just a speed up. Plus I do lots of backups, and have a recovery disk and saved image, plus all my data backed up. So thanks for your reply. I will treat this as closed.
  3. I purchased Zookaware Speedzooka a registry cleaner. The set up file comes from their site. But ESET NOD32 version 8 treats it as just a virus infected and deletes it: If I manage to scan it ESET says:Scan Log Version of virus signature database: 10987 (20150109); Date: 09/01/2015 Time: 12:16:56; Scanned disks, folders and files: C:\temp\;C:\tmp\C:\tmp\speedzookasetup.exe » NSIS » SpeedZooka.exe - a variant of Win32/Adware.RegGenie application - cleaned by deleting - quarantined [1]Number of scanned objects: 29; Number of threats found: 1 Number of cleaned objects: 1 Time of completion: 12:17:00 Total scanning time: 4 sec (00:00:04)Notes: [1] Object has been deleted as it only contained the virus body. Yet i ran it past SpyBot and it says it is clean. Not sure to make of this? Is this a false positive from a genuine company and software product? (Like Sony?). Or is it really infected. Could find nothing on the Internet about this piece of software I wanted to install. Anybody else run into this?
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