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  1. Hi! I want to block the installation of extensions in chrome, can I?
  2. Next time. Return the update enter the Update Module configuration option revert to previous modules.
  3. 1. Revisa disponibilidad de la RAM y espacio de disco duro. 2. reinstala el producto
  4. Actualizar infraestructura Actualizaciones offline También esta en este KB https://help.eset.com/protect_install/80/es-ES/upgrade_infrastructure_proxy.html
  5. Crea una nueva política y así tendrás las actualizaciones offline >> https://support.eset.com/es/kb6750-instalar-apache-http-proxy-esmc-7x
  6. the operating system in windows 7 and has been installed with the msi all in one located from the console.
  7. Hi, I have the following problem, this occurs in some citrix virtual machines. When installing the security product it throws the error that the epfw driver was not installed and the firewall is not functional, I already have several computers with this problem. How can this problem be corrected. I attach some evidence
  8. Hello, I have the following inconvenience when installing in a virtual environment the eset security, when generating the installation the firewall is not functional.
  9. hello I have the following problem I installed the ova of the console and I am in the process of the configuration, and I want to configure the active directory in the options that a user group links me. but when going to the option of more-> users -> new group of dynamic security, and to select in the option of group SID does not load and throws me the error that I configure samba and winbin. why this error occurs and how can I fix it since it does not allow me to add a group from the domain to the console
  10. Hello, please present the following problem when activating the eset antivirus product or if I think the task through the console ends in error.
  11. hi a query with the new eset cloud console, the creation of eba was made, and then the creation of the cloud administration but at the time of creating the installation package does not appear the license uqe was already loaded in eba that may be past that no synchronize the license in the two consoles. the images of eba are attached and where the licenses for the creation of the installation package are supposed to be loaded
  12. Answers to the stipulated questions What are the waiting times for the conversion of the report data to PDF / PS / CVS? R / is making the report and the error that exceeds 9000 ms What ESMC / ERA platform are you using? R / the new ESMC version Could you verify that there is no process called ReportPrinterTool.exe (or without .exe in Linux) running? If it is running, check for how long and if there are minutes, try to stop it manually. Have you tried restarting the ERA / ESCM service if possible? It seems that this instance is quite long. R / the server was checked since the conosla is in windows but no process called ReportPrinterTool.exe was found Have you tried restarting the ERA / ESCM service if possible? A restart was done even of the complete server to validate that all the services started in a normal way but still presented the error of exceeding 9000 ms when creating the report
  13. hello, I still have the same problem you try to create the report but the error mentioned at the beginning exceeds 9000 ms, either when you extract it in fomrato pdf / ps / cvs. had in the version 6 was created the current version to version 7 of ESMC but update continues generating the same error when trying to get the reports.
  14. if you try to get other reports with the same result
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