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  1. amityservice is right! same thing happened to me also. It boots good first time from sysrescue live usb, updates successfully and scans files. But on second boot, eset scanner doesn't come up. I have tried on different usb but same issue persists.
  2. SysRescue is download only in beta.... Please include a sysrescue live creator in upcoming version/release as SysRescue Live is not frequently updated.
  3. Hi, since almost 2 weeks, I am experiencing problem while trying to update ESET SysRescue Live. ESET SysRescue boots well with bundled signatures 9551, connects with the network without any issue but when I hit on Update Signature Databse it says "update is not necessary". ESET SysRescue is a great tool as compared to others in this category (Kaspersky, Dr. Web, Bitdefender, Avira etc). So, ESET team, kindly look into this issue and resolve so we can enjoy using this tool while cleaning infected PCs. Thanks, Farid
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