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  1. @Marcos I just searched for updates manually and got the new version So, updating works again.
  2. Thanks! Good to know. So I'll delete the setup file for v14.2.23 too.
  3. Just cleared the update cache and tried to update manually. Still no new version available... 😕
  4. No. I just installed ESET Internet Security on Sunday. I will try as soon as I‘m back on my PC.
  5. On Monday, a new version was released: I downloaded the installation file from the website already, but don't get the update in ESET. It doesn't matter how often I search for updates. ESET stays with the old version. How long does it take to get this update? Do I have to update manually with the help of the installation file?
  6. Thanks a lot for clarification @Marcos! 👍 It seems like you have a returning customer. ❤️
  7. Does this mean, Amazon.de is selling illegal copies of ESET? https://www.amazon.de/ESET-Internet-Security-Virenschutz-Download/dp/B07H63QNJW/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=eset+internet+security+2021+3+geräte&qid=1627540644&sprefix=eset&sr=8-3 I can’t believe that… 🤔 I was using ESET some years ago and switched to Norton. Here I was able to activate a license, contact the support team and they merged both licenses together with me. Now I would love to switch back to ESET and hoped that you were able to merge 2 licenses too. 🤔
  8. Thanks Marcos! I would only buy from authorized sellers like Amazon.de directly. I wouldn‘t buy from Amazon Marketplace or eBay. So as I understand merging two licenses is always a manual step where I need the help of the support team, right? Then the best way would be to buy a license when it is on sale, but use it when the running license is expired?
  9. Actually, I'm in my trial period, and I'm wondering how license renewal is working. When buying a license and activating it, is there a possibility to extend this license? Let's say, 1 month later, I'll buy a license key from Amazon. Am I able to activate this license to extend my running license? Or do I have to wait till my running license is expired before I buy and activate a new license?
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