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  1. this problem is also observed on windows 7 with endpoint version 8.0
  2. Good afternoon, recently a problem with USB drives has begun. The problem manifests itself both on endpoint 8.0 and on 6.5 on XP. When a flash drive is connected to a computer, the user opens files on it and the PC freezes, only a forced reboot by turning off the power helps. Tell me what could be? The only solution I found was to disable scanning your USB drive.
  3. Similarly, such messages are also released daily on users' PCs, after switching to version 8
  4. Good afternoon, we also got the same error today, raised the local repository, cleaned it up, downloaded it again, the problem did not go away
  5. I correctly understood that the updates of the program components will arrive with the usual updates of the anti-virus databases, and you do not need to configure anything additionally for this, but only for version 8. If I was not mistaken, please confirm.
  6. Good afternoon, I would like to know how to set up the function of updating program components, since version 8 of Eset Endpoint has recently been released and the function "full support for automatic program updates via uPCU" has appeared in it. The fact is that we have a local repository set up, and we use the mirror tool to download anti-virus databases. Updates are downloaded to a local server and client computers download anti-virus databases from there. But ESET's Mirror tool documentation says that "The Mirror Tool downloads detection engine updates and other program modules only, it do
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