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  1. Hi Marcos! The problem persists, it also loads the hard disk by 100%
  2. added to the exceptions, let's watch for a while
  3. hello Marcos! yesterday I sent you a link to the log file in a personal message, as you asked, did you get it?
  4. we use eset endpoint 8.0, windows 10 21h1
  5. Good afternoon, several of our employees went to work remotely, they connect via rdp to their work PC in the office, after that on some PCs the eset began to load the hard disk by 100%, I can't understand why it behaves this way, with local work in the office, everything returns to normal eea_logs.zip
  6. this problem is also observed on windows 7 with endpoint version 8.0
  7. Good afternoon, recently a problem with USB drives has begun. The problem manifests itself both on endpoint 8.0 and on 6.5 on XP. When a flash drive is connected to a computer, the user opens files on it and the PC freezes, only a forced reboot by turning off the power helps. Tell me what could be? The only solution I found was to disable scanning your USB drive.
  8. Similarly, such messages are also released daily on users' PCs, after switching to version 8
  9. Good afternoon, we also got the same error today, raised the local repository, cleaned it up, downloaded it again, the problem did not go away
  10. I correctly understood that the updates of the program components will arrive with the usual updates of the anti-virus databases, and you do not need to configure anything additionally for this, but only for version 8. If I was not mistaken, please confirm.
  11. Good afternoon, I would like to know how to set up the function of updating program components, since version 8 of Eset Endpoint has recently been released and the function "full support for automatic program updates via uPCU" has appeared in it. The fact is that we have a local repository set up, and we use the mirror tool to download anti-virus databases. Updates are downloaded to a local server and client computers download anti-virus databases from there. But ESET's Mirror tool documentation says that "The Mirror Tool downloads detection engine updates and other program modules only, it does not download PCUs (Program Component Updates) and LiveGrid data." How do we set up updates of program components and Live grid. Thanks! Mirror Tool also downloads databases for different products, whether a separate folder with databases will be created for version 8, or can be used from version 7.
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