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  1. Since the latest upgrade I've been getting ESET HTTPS certificate does not meet criteria required by Apple App Transport Security on my ESET server in Security Management Center. Any recommendations on how to fix this. Thanks!
  2. I expected that the modules would be downloaded from the management server. That would cut down on Internet traffic. Thank you for the info.
  3. Does that mean that as long as there is no Internet access the modules will not be updated?
  4. We have a group of computers that are on our network and may or may not have access to the Internet based on who is logged in. If the logged in user has access to the Internet then no problem. If the user does NOT have access to the Internet ESET update on the computer shows: Modules update failed Could not connect to server Product update failed Could not connect to server This has happened since the install of 7.2.2055.0 I am used to these computers showing ESET LiveGrid is not accessible - that is not a problem. Any ideas?
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