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  1. After restarting my iMac I'm getting the red triangle and warning that Web and Email aren't protected. In Network settings on the iMac I see that ESET Network Protection Proxy isn't connected. I click the box for 'connect on demand' and apply and it connects OK, but this setting doesn't seem to survive a restart, and I have to start it manually. Is this normal and expected behaviour? I'm using version 6.10.700.0 of Cyber Security Pro. Thanks, GP
  2. Sorted it out in the end. I had to totally uninstall the ESET product and install from scratch. It seems to be working now. GP
  3. I have downloaded and installed the latest ESET Cyber Security update, version 6.10.460.1 which claims to have fixed the proxy connection problem with Big Sur. Unfortunately it hasn't fixed it! My network settings show the network protection proxy continually trying to connect, and the UI informs me that the web and email protection is non-functional. Is there something else I need to do apart from the update? GP
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