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  1. So i tried the agent deployment method in Esmc and that didn't work for all computers but some got their agent now! Sometimes when i run the task again another computer that in another task did not connect connected! Anyway the computers that are not connecting are saying: Windows network remote deployment failed because HOSTNAME CAN NOT BE RESOLVED to the target WINDOWS machine. Verify that: 1. 'pc1.domain.nl' is correct machine hostname or IP address. 2. 'pc1.domain.nl' can be resolved with 'nslookup' if it is a DNS name. You would say that it is something with the DNS but on the other hand some pc's that gave this message as well are now deployed with an agent?!
  2. I have not tried this but i need everything to happens automatically because i have a lot of computers in different companies that need updates.
  3. I just tried this and same result unfortunately. Every computer shows that the task failed. I dont know what is the problem?
  4. Hello, Im trying to remotely give clients their EES by using the ESET Remote Administrator. I made the client task to deploy the software and i made a server task tot deploy the agent but the agent deployment is failing and i dont know why. I cant reach the clients by pinging them from the cmd either. I can see and select them in the ESET Remote Administrator so they are configured? Does anyone know what i am doing wrong or what i need to do? Thanks in advance!
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