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  1. So i tried the agent deployment method in Esmc and that didn't work for all computers but some got their agent now! Sometimes when i run the task again another computer that in another task did not connect connected! Anyway the computers that are not connecting are saying: Windows network remote deployment failed because HOSTNAME CAN NOT BE RESOLVED to the target WINDOWS machine. Verify that: 1. 'pc1.domain.nl' is correct machine hostname or IP address. 2. 'pc1.domain.nl' can be resolved with 'nslookup' if it is a DNS name. You would say that it is something with the DNS but on
  2. I have not tried this but i need everything to happens automatically because i have a lot of computers in different companies that need updates.
  3. I just tried this and same result unfortunately. Every computer shows that the task failed. I dont know what is the problem?
  4. Hello, Im trying to remotely give clients their EES by using the ESET Remote Administrator. I made the client task to deploy the software and i made a server task tot deploy the agent but the agent deployment is failing and i dont know why. I cant reach the clients by pinging them from the cmd either. I can see and select them in the ESET Remote Administrator so they are configured? Does anyone know what i am doing wrong or what i need to do? Thanks in advance!
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