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  1. When you scan an archive it shows it as 1 object (file). But surely it's scanning what is inside in a more intelligent way? So I would like Eset to display files in a zip file as individual objects. This is when you scan a zip or iso file using the context menu option "Scan with Eset Smart Security Premium".
  2. Coming back to this post again as I'm determined to figure this out. The VPN is consistently blocked by Eset. I've determined that the HIPS is what is blocking the VPN as disabling it resolved the problem. PPTP pass through is enabled on the router. Would it be possible for you to give me some in / out rules to enable the VPN? They use a randomly generated IP address. I know the difference between TCP/UDP but knowing what should be able to go out / come in is tricky. I tried to do it myself but my rules end up being too general in nature and I risk lowering security.
  3. Thanks for the fix will try it later. Since yesterday Windows updates are going through again fine so maybe mine is fixed anyway after the format, unsure. Edited This could easily have something to do with the new way the firewall rules seem to work. I seem to be getting a lot more dialogue boxes for firewall rules then before.
  4. My pc got progressively worse until I decided to do a full format and reinstall. The problems have no reoccured so far on the nice fresh Windows installation. Scratch that. After installing all of the windows updates it has started back up again. High CPU usage, can't connect on Windows update. The update which fails is Intel - Other Hardware - Intel® Management Engine Interface.
  5. I'm also experiencing issues with Windows update. I've also got my own topic on it.
  6. My CPU is running at 25% on svchost that is responsible for Windows update and Windows update cannot connect. I just got the new version of Eset SS so it seems related to that. Stopping windows update service does not stop the CPU running so high I've tried to stop ESET Firewall but this did not help it to connect. Could it be caused by HIPS or some other function of Eset? No other blocking software on the computer The windows update error is: WindowsUpdate_80080005. I think this just means it cannot connect but there are all sorts of solutions and no clear fix. It also seemed to affect updating Windows time but no longer an issue now. Spec Windows 7 x64 SP1 i5-4690 3.5ghz 8gb ram 220gb SSD with 56gb free 1tb HDD Have also tried (will update this as I go): Fixing windows update using WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab but it did not help Uninstalled Eset and removed all Eset folders also. Reinstalled using latest installer.
  7. I tried to post but it just said "you don't have permission to do that". I pressed back but the post was gone.. What was I thinking..
  8. How would I go about adding a firewall rule for a PPTP VPN please? I know where the screen is but whenver I add the settings in it still fails to connect. I went to the Zone and Rule setup screen and clicked on New. I then added the port for VPN connections 1723. But I don't know what it understands by local and remote ports. I added: Remote port: 1723 Local port: 1723 Direction: Both Action: Allow Profile: For every The VPN has no special software, it just uses a standard windows vpn connection. I know that the VPN is running okay because when I turn off the firewall it connects fine. When it fails I get error 806. My PC uses: ESS 7.0.317.4 Windows 7 Pro Build 7601 6.1 SP1 x64 (fully up to date, Eset tray icon shows an "e")
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