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  1. Alright, Marcos, thank you for the straight-talk. Will the Linux desktop users ultimately have to either upgrade to the business edition or do you think the modules will continue to be updated for the foreseeable future? I've come from using F-Prot for the last 3 yrs, and they announced an End-of-life of F-Prot for home use, as they are going to solely focus on business editions. I'm seeing a trend among the Linux antivirus products that they are increasingly moving towards business users; I can completely understand that, because the revenue generated is much greater; probably ther
  2. Just curious as to why this is happening....there seems to be quite a few people experiencing this same issue. If you guys know this is a issue, why is it not being addressed? From what I understand you are converting from a User/Pass system to a License key system. I'm guessing that the Linux version is a previous version that still requires the User/Pass, and the system has been updated to issue License keys....seems like something needs to be updated somewhere.
  3. Hi, I'm having the exact same issue. I received a license key, a license ID, a username, but no password. I found where one can convert a user/pass for a license key, but not the other way around. I've sent an email to support (through the app). Hoping maybe you can also send me mine. Thanks. I'm guessing my public license id is: 3AJ-PMK-43J (that's the only license ID I can find in the email)
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