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    ntg2978 received kudos from Nightowl in ESET Internet Security on Linux password/username   
    Alright, Marcos, thank you for the straight-talk.  Will the Linux desktop users ultimately have to either upgrade to the business edition or do you think the modules will continue to be updated for the foreseeable future?
    I've come from using F-Prot for the last 3 yrs, and they announced an End-of-life of F-Prot for home use, as they are going to solely focus on business editions.
    I'm seeing a trend among the Linux antivirus products that they are increasingly moving towards business users; I can completely understand that, because the revenue generated is much greater; probably there is also more demand as well.
    I'd just like to know if you guys are planning on an End-of-life for the Linux Desktop as well in the near future, so that I can start researching what I'll do in a year once my license expires.
    Thank you.
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