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  1. Yes, was able to scan the file now and no threats found on that file. Glad it was FP and great help from this forum. Thanks a lot everyone!
  2. Sent the file by email. Here Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/362d4cfa6d36b3e2bcbf6a220ef120c7df50c1545f77c90690b8c0e4b75579ed/detection
  3. Tried sending now as was able to allow it again. Thanks.
  4. Hah, thanks. Just different than usual MacOS admin user details box. Managed now to change the settings and allow file sending to be analysed from the quarantine. I hope the file is sent now, can someone confirm please. Great stuff, many thanks for the help so far!
  5. I checked myEset.com. It shows my laptop activated as well and I'm gettin updates etc normally. My wifes laptop is the "admin" user, I would need username and pw to make changes (like remove realtime protection) but the ones I got when subscribing are not working. Any ideas how to get the working login details pls?
  6. I have it enabled and its showing grey. When trying to send it says "Sending Suspicious files is not in use at the moment" (In Finnish) When I try to open settings it ask for username and pw. The ones I got when paying the subscription are not working. I mean username EAV.... Saying "franchise" user username or pw is wrong. My wifes laptop is the "admin" user or something similar.
  7. How can I get the file back? Every time I try to restore it to folder it gets automatically quarantined.
  8. Eset scan found that of flight ticket PDF from June 2018. Also real time protection found it later when I tried to remove it back for sending to Eset for check. 12.8.2020 9.12.28 Reaaliaikainen tiedostojärjestelmän suojaus tiedosto /Users/xxxx/Downloads/eticket-WWOHPM.pdf PDF/Phishing.A.Gen troijalainen puhdistettiin poistamalla xxxxx Tiedostoa avattaessa ilmeni ongelma. Sovellus: /System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/MacOS/Dock (7C4BCE5A91D672E0B536F081947520167982C751). A94A42DCFB82064F3BCBBFCDFEE1EA0C573634E5 6. 6.2018 22:22:00 Eset Cyber Security for Mac, Update version: 21808 Eset Live Grid seems to be off at the moment so cannot send the file. When I try to put the file back to the folder, Eset automatically quarantines it so impossible to send it at the moment. Is there some false positives causing in the newest version?
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